Book Preview: Building a new Catalonia

A new anthology articulates the political strategies and aspirations of the anti-capitalist, feminist and socialist struggles for self-determination in Catalonia in a series of 35 short and sharply written essays.

It includes chapters by Catalan political leaders including Jordi Cuixart (currently in jail awaiting trial for sedition), Liz Castro and David Fernandez, and prominent international contributors including journalist Paul Mason and economist Costas Lapavitsas.

What lessons can the Scottish independence movement learn from Catalonia?

What is happening to political prisoners right now and how can we build solidarity with them?

What tactics and strategies worked in Catalonia and what failed?

What are the prospects for building a different Europe based on small nations and regions and a diversity of cultures?

What is the nature of the Spanish state and how does it differ in culture and aims from the British state?

Bella Caledonia launched the book with a discussion of these and other issues with:

Ignasi Bernat is one of the editors of the book. He is an activist and sociologist based in Barcelona, and lecturer at the University of Surrey and at the University of Girona. Read him on Catalonia and Post-Fascism here.

Shona McAlpine is a founding member of Women for Indy, a council member of the Scottish Independence Convention, a member of International Commission for European Citizens and on the Executive of Scottish CND.

Mike Small is the editor of Bella Caledonia and the publisher of the book with pol-len edicions in Catalonia.

Jonathan Shafi is the co-founder of the Radical Independence Convention and the Convenor of the New Foreign Policy.

 “A crucial intervention in the struggles of our time” – Jodi Dean. Buy the book here (only £9.99)

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