IndyRef2 is coming soon – IT’S TIME TO GET STARTED

Remember the excitement of 2014? IndyRef2 is coming soon – IT’S TIME TO GET STARTED.

WE’RE LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS. We need to do some door knocking to get vital voter data so we can be ready. No previous experience is needed – we’ll make sure you are fully prepped and kitted out – and if you haven’t done it before, we’ll pair you up with someone more experienced.

CAN YOU HELP? Whether you can give just an hour on a Saturday morning or help over several sessions, we want to hear from you!

Please email to volunteer, and we can get started!

2 thoughts on “IndyRef2 is coming soon – IT’S TIME TO GET STARTED”

  1. I’m too far away to help but I’ll spread the word on Twitter and Facebook.
    We have our own campaigning group based in Lochgilphead, Argyll, Aye Fyne. Good luck getting volunteers.

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