This aims to being a library of public information on current topics of political interest in Scotland, with a general (but not uncritical) pro-independence bias. Each topic is a Facebook Group with a search facility, and related information is grouped together. You can browse any topic, and can join those you are particularly interested in, allowing you to post comments and additional information, and receive notifications of updates. It has been collecting useful information since 2014.

All of these are offered to help our supporters educate themselves on important areas of the political debate in Scotland, but are freely available to everybody who is undecided about the benefits of Scottish independence. It has its own bias, but aims to offset the bias of mainstream media by sticking to the facts and arguments as much as possible.

Social media is generally ephemeral – you read the news, it flies on by. This aims to do an extra 3 things:

  • it allows you to tailor your news feed by your particular area of interest (e.g. Education),
  • it stores the news and allows you to read or search it chronologically within each subject area, allowing you to brief yourself or bring yourself up to date in a particular area.
  • it aims to cover each subject a bit more comprehensively than is usual on social media

It contains the following subject areas (click on the one you want to see):