E-flets (electronic leaflets)

strategyWe are compiling electronic leaflets or “e-flets” on many of the big topics likely to arise in IndyRef2.

Vision: to maximise the support for an Independent Scotland.

Objectives: 1. to educate Yes and “soft” No supporters on important political issues. 2. To raise the level of debate above meaningless soundbites, by means of a formal written statement of a position or belief (apologia) which can be challenged or justified.

What is an E-flet? This is an E-flet. It is a brief (1 or 2 A4 pages of text, pictures and/or video) authoritative, easy-to-read summary of any relevant topic, which uses the power of hyperlinks to provide further reading, or to substantiate data or opinions.

Why would E-flets be useful?

  • People are busy – this provides a quick way to understand a subject (a one-page summary)
  • They would be written like a tabloid front page – the power is in the headline and first paragraph
  • They can also be used to check facts or gain more details by clicking on hyperlinks

How would we use an E-flet?

  • Publish on social media (Website, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail)
  • Develop Infographics (memes) for maximum impact on social media

Or, remove hyperlinks and publish

  • Comment or rebuttal letters in mainstream media
  • hand-outs for street stalls
  • leaflets for canvassing

Who are the audience for an E-flet?

  • Personal family, friends, and colleagues
  • Yes Edinburgh West
  • Yes Edinburgh and Lothians
  • Edinburgh Western SNP branch
  • Nationally – National Yes Registry, CommonSpace, Bella Caledonia etc.

What are the priority topics for E-flets?

We’re tackling E-flets in order of our idea of priority – the current list is shown below, but others are in course of preparation. If you’d like to volunteer to write some more, act as a “specialist” resource in a particular area, and keep them up to date, that would be extremely helpful.

Yes Edinburgh West has a website, Facebook, Twitter, National Yes Registry and a Library of topics on Scottish Politics.