E-flets (electronic leaflets)

strategyWe are compiling electronic leaflets or “e-flets” on many of the big topics likely to arise in IndyRef2.

Vision: to maximise the support for an Independent Scotland.

Objectives: 1. to educate Yes and “soft” No supporters on important political issues. 2. To raise the level of debate above meaningless soundbites, by means of a formal written statement of a position or belief (apologia) which can be challenged or justified.

What is an E-flet? This is an E-flet. It is a brief (1 or 2 A4 pages of text, pictures and/or video) authoritative, easy-to-read summary of any relevant topic, which uses the power of hyperlinks to provide further reading, or to substantiate data or opinions.

Why would E-flets be useful?

  • People are busy – this provides a quick way to understand a subject (a one-page summary)
  • They would be written like a tabloid front page – the power is in the headline and first paragraph
  • They can also be used to check facts or gain more details by clicking on hyperlinks

How would we use an E-flet?

  • Publish on social media (Website, Facebook, Twitter, E-mail)
  • Develop Infographics (memes) for maximum impact on social media

Or, remove hyperlinks and publish

  • Comment or rebuttal letters in mainstream media
  • hand-outs for street stalls
  • leaflets for canvassing

Who are the audience for an E-flet?

  • Personal family, friends, and colleagues
  • Yes Edinburgh West
  • Yes Edinburgh and Lothians
  • Edinburgh Western SNP branch
  • Nationally – National Yes Registry, CommonSpace, Bella Caledonia etc.

What are the priority topics for E-flets?

We’re tackling E-flets in order of our idea of priority – the current list is shown below, but others are in course of preparation. If you’d like to volunteer to write some more, act as a “specialist” resource in a particular area, and keep them up to date, that would be extremely helpful.

Governance: Yes Edinburgh West is a community-led, non-party political campaign for Scottish Independence in Edinburgh West. We are a grassroots movement, and need nobody’s permission to publish E-flets on any subject.  However (since we are under intense negative media scrutiny), we must project a positive image for the wider Yes Scotland image, and have adopted the following rules of engagement: our E-flets are brief, use hyperlinks to substantiate figures and opinions, are non-abusive, and are checked out by at least one other Yes member for accuracy, grammar, punctuation etc. You can write on any topic you wish, provided it is relevant to our vision – and do so individually, or (preferably) as part of a group. A number of E-flats have been drafted to help you get started. Contact Gerry Mulvenna or Bob Glen to have them published on our website, but they are not the final arbiters on what is published – if there is any doubt, it should be discussed at a Yes Edinburgh West meeting. A register of published and in-progress E-flets will be kept by the Secretary of Yes Edinburgh West. E-flets should include an eye-catching picture (the default is Yes Edinburgh West logo). To keep a standard look and feel on the website, a standard font will be used (Calibri size 12). Because of the limitations of WordPress, only black text is possible. Publish them under your own name if you wish, but always provide links to Yes Edinburgh West website, Facebook and Twitter (as below).  As official (or better) information and policies are published, it is important that authors keep their E-flets up to date.

Yes Edinburgh West has a website, Facebook, Twitter, National Yes Registry and a Library of topics on Scottish Politics.