Film previews

Vision: to maximise the support for an Independent Scotland in Edinburgh West.

Objectives: to educate Yes and “soft” No supporters on important political issues.


What are film previews? They are a summary of any relevant film which is recommended or essential viewing for supporters of Scottish Independence. As well as providing a normal film review, they provide an idea of the contents of the film, a few quotes or conclusions, and links to trailers or the full film.  

Why would previews be useful?

·        People are busy – this is a quick way to get an idea of what a film covers

·        Each preview is individually addressable, so you can share it with friends

Governance: Yes Edinburgh West is a community-led, non-party political campaign for Scottish Independence in Edinburgh West. We are a grassroots movement, and need nobody’s permission to publish book or film previews on any subject.  However (since we are under intense negative media scrutiny), we must project a positive image for the wider Yes Scotland image, and have adopted the following rules of engagement: our previews are brief, factual, avoid abusive opinions, and are checked out by at least one other Yes member for accuracy, grammar, punctuation etc. You can write on any topic you wish, provided it is relevant to our vision – and do so individually, or (preferably) as part of a group. Contact Gerry Mulvenna or Bob Glen to have them published on our website, but they are not the final arbiters on what is published – if there is any doubt, it should be discussed at a Yes Edinburgh West meeting. To keep a standard look and feel on the website, a standard font will be used (Calibri size 12). Because of the limitations of WordPress, only black text is possible. Publish them under your own name if you wish, but please always provide links to Yes Edinburgh West website, Facebook, Twitter, National Yes Registry and its Library of topics on Scottish Politics.