Book Preview: Determination (Robin McAlpine)

Book Preview: Determination                Robin McAlpine determination Please buy the book here! Robin McAlpine’s ideas on how Scotland can become independent by 2021: we need to develop a coherent, thought-through plan and move purposely forward with determination. The key is building up confidence in the case through diligent work and preparation, and we must get people used to change by setting a creative and imaginative domestic agenda. This is our chance, and we must grasp it soon. We need 60% support for independence (70% if we can get it), but be realistic, we won’t get 100%. About 4 out of 5 working-age voters live on less than £35,000 a year – and they are by far the most likely people to switch from a No vote to a Yes vote. They are the audience if we want to achieve independence. What we need to provide is a sufficient sense of security and confidence to people who feel vulnerable or sympathetic but worried. Why do we behave like we’re going to get anywhere by sitting around, talking among ourselves, proving our loyalty, believing really, really hard? Instead, we need to work out what didn’t work last time, prepare better for next time, and get started now fixing things that will better enable us to get it right next time. For example, we know there are many pensioners who face life on one of the lowest state pensions in Europe with some of the highest housing costs in Europe, whose insecurity about their financial future led them to vote No. We need to give them confidence that there is a really solid and defensible plan in place to secure pensions for generations to come. We need to be able to convince that, on currency, someone really knows the answer.   We need to work hard. Scotland can become independent by 2021. The aim is go into the referendum knowing it’s already won. We have to win over those who wanted to vote for independence but weren’t convinced by the 2014 case. Say it loud, we’re Scots and we’re proud … we need to fight against our cultural cringe. And we need a document to create a workable foundation for a future nation A series of extracts appeared in The National: determination-1 Part 1: How Scotland can become independent. determination-2 Part 2 : The aim is to go into IndyRef2 knowing it’s already won. determination-3 Part 3: we have to win over those who wanted to vote for independence but weren’t convinced by the case in 2014. determination-4Part 4: we need to assert our confident, modern cultural identity. It’s not all about economics! determination-5Part 5: We need a “how to” document to create a workable foundation for a future nation.

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