Book Preview: Scotland 2021 (Simon Barrow)

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What kind of country do you want to live in? What should we demand of our political leaders? What should our priorities be for the next 5 years? The book explores a wide variety of practical radical innovation and policy challenges, attempting to go beyond narrow tribalism and the political here and now to take a longer view.

Impossible to summarise its 40 chapters – headings and authors will need to do!

  1. Landscapes and futures
  • Reasons for progressives to be cheerful or not                                 Joyce McMillan
  • A ‘Famous Five’ approach to change                                                  Irvine Welsh
  • Creating an ideas-rich environment for Scotland                             Robin McAlpine
  • Scotland and Europe: renewing our vision                                        Alyn Smith
  • Not politics, but marketing: Scottish elections                                  Ian Dommett
  • Can Scotland become a Nordic country?                                           Alistair Davidson
  • What can we learn from the EU referendum debate?                    David Gow
  • Towards a Scottish foreign policy                                                      Adam Ramsay
  • A new politics for Scotland?                                                               Maggie Chapman
  • Choices facing Labour in Scotland                                                     Bill Gilby
  • Where next for socialists in Scotland?                                              Connor Beaton
  • Out with the new and in with the bold                                             Emily St Denny
  1. Policies and perspectives
  • Key choices facing higher education                                                Doug Chalmers
  • A challenging landscape for the Scottish media                             Paul Holleron
  • A new approach to refugees and asylum seekers                         Khuloud Alsaba
  • Is the time right for urban land reform?                               Lee Bunce, Sara Marsden, Niamh Webster, Hamish Allan
  • A right to health                                                                               Anuj Kapilashrami, Sara Marsden, Tony Robertson
  • Where next for gender justice?                                                      Lesley Orr
  • Enabling the participation of disabled people in politics             Jamie Szymkowiak
  • Fear, loathing and gentrifying paradise                                        Neil Cooper
  • Childcare reform and the case for a major cultural shift            Vonny Moyes
  • How might Scotland handle its taxation powers?                        Wendy Bradley
  • Building on LGBTIQ and equality gains                                        Kirsty McAlpine
  • Humanism, Scotland and an unpredictable future                       Tim Maguire
  • Imagine and act for a more just Scotland                                       Richard Frazer
  • Religion and belief in Scotland                                                          Matthew Ross
  • Women’s equality in Scotland’s parliament                                    Talat Yaqoob
  • Co-operatives are vital for economic & social democracy             Mary Lockhart
  • Sustainability and flourishing                                                            Jan Bebbington
  • An economy focused on wellbeing                                                     Katherine Trebeck
  • Beyond “a greener Scotland”                                                             Iain Black, Katherine Trebeck, Deirdre Shaw
  • Rethinking criminal justice in Scotland                                             Mark Smith, Trish McCulloch
  1. Nation and imagination
  • 3 dreams of modern Scottish nationalism                                        Gerry Hassan
  • Scotland in post-colonial perspective                                                Michael Marten
  • No settled will: what next?                                                                 Stuart Fairweather
  • Grassroots political campaigning                                                       Jane Denholm, Tam McTurk
  • The threat of a good example                                                            Bernadette Meaden
  • Global action beyond nation and identity                                        Milja Radivic
  • The class factor in the independence question                               James Maxwell
  • (Re)imagining Scotland’s future                                                       Doug Gay
  • New leaves – a poem                                                                         Alison Phipps
  • The practicalities of “getting radical”                                              Simon Barrow

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