Edinburgh as the Capital city of an independent Scotland



Have you thought what independence would mean for our city?

Imagine Edinburgh as the capital city of an independent Scotland.

Imagine the buzz.

Imagine all the new jobs.

Imagine all the good jobs.

Imagine the prosperity.


Being the capital of an independent country is a much bigger deal than being a big city in the UK.

Independence would bring enormous opportunities for the city, as its new status brings diplomatic and embassy representation from the 193 recognised member states of the United Nations.

As the home of a Parliament with a full range of powers, many government functions and agencies (Taxation, Foreign Office, Defence, Energy, Treasury, regulators etc) will move north.

There’s the prospect of a Scottish currency, Central Bank and National Investment Bank.

Edinburgh already has a highly educated workforce, a high quality of life, a business-friendly environment, and a well established financial and Fintec sector. With an independent government expected to join the EEA or EFTA (or the EU), it will become an even more attractive location for the headquarters of global and rUK companies. Jobs will be protected which might otherwise be at risk.

International interest would bring investment in local music, drama, TV, radio, history etc.

As an internationally recognised capital, Edinburgh has the opportunity to establish a reputation as a centre addressing issues of global importance.  Perhaps it could become a centre of peace negotiations, or a focus of new Enlightenment thinking based on Scotland’s world leading status in renewable energy or climate change?

Edinburgh as a true capital is a prospect brimming with exciting opportunities from each of which cascades further opportunities for those who work and live here.

Properly managed, this growth could be beneficial not only to this, but also to future, generations. Secure, well-paid jobs would mean our children not having to head to London in search of work. There would be a boom in a full range of service companies, as well as in new commercial and residential property.

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