Quick answers on Independence for Scotland

You might only get one chance to open a conversation about Independence.   Give your best answer!

I voted No in 2014. I can understand why you made that decision in 2014 because no one knew about leaving the EU, EVEL, Universal Credit, continued austerity, shipbuilding contracts etc.

We’re stronger together. I don’t need to live in an independent Scotland, as long as it’s prosperous, fair, equal, green, international and peaceful. We’re not going to achieve that by being run from Westminster.

The UK is the most successful Union in history. On the other hand, the great British enterprises are a thing of the past – British Airways, Gas, Leyland, Petroleum, Telecom etc. Is the UK still OK?

Scotland has done well out of the Union. I agree with you, but does the Union still work for Scotland? Why is Scotland better off in the UK today?

My taxes would go up in an independent Scotland. I see where you’re coming from, but the strategy of the Scottish Government is to pay for public services out of modest growth.

But the Scottish economy is NOT growing. Nearly all powers over the economy are reserved to Westminster.

Scotland couldn’t survive without England. That’s what they said about Ireland, Malta, Iceland, USA etc

Scotland would be £15 billion in debt if it weren’t for England. It’s like giving your wages to your neighbour and asking him to spend it for you. He buys a flashy car and a big TV, and tells you that you owe him more money.

I would lose my UK State pension. You’ve paid into the UK State pension, and it would still be paid by the UK.

I’m in favour of Brexit. How will Brexit increase prosperity? Is it going well? What will happen to the NHS?

Why don’t you get behind Brexit? It can’t be done – it’s like cancelling a Netflix subscription, but wanting to be able to see the films. All scenarios – good, bad and no deal – will be damaging to Scotland.

The EU is undemocratic. You can leave by sending a letter (Article 50). Can Scotland do that with the UK?

Now is not the time to talk about independence. I used to think that too. When would you suggest?

There’s far too many immigrants. Why is non-EU immigration higher than EU immigration?

There’s far too many people on benefits. We need to reduce that figure. But it’s 93,000 out of 5 million.

The oil is running out. The oil companies are making record profits, and discovering huge new fields.

The oil price is too volatile. The oil companies are making record profits. What’s the oil price today? Oil fund.

Scotland is too wee to be independent. Why are so many small countries at the top of the international league for prosperity, quality of life and happiness?

Scotland is too poor to be independent. We can pay £200 billion to renew Trident? UK debt is £2 trillion

Scotland has made a mess of Education. Scots are the best educated people in Europe (Eurostat 2017).

Scotland is too stupid to be independent. Scots created the modern world – capitalism, industry, TV, roads….

Scotland has made a mess of the NHS. Waiting times have been lower in Scotland for the past 3 years.

We shouldn’t compare ourselves to England. Who should we compare ourselves to? Are they independent?

There’s too many uncertainties about independence. There is no longer certainty about the future of the UK.

What currency would we use? Scots pound for domestic transactions, pound sterling for international trade.

There would be a border between Scotland and England. But there would be a frictionless border in Ireland?

England would become a foreign country and I’d be cut off from my family. Like Ireland, Canada, Australia?

Scotland would be invaded by Russia. What’s becoming more obvious is the effect of UK defence cutbacks – coastal patrol vessels have to be sent from Portsmouth to the Cromarty Firth, which takes 2 days.

Why don’t you use the powers you already have? We do – and we use them to mitigate Westminster damage.

I hate Alex / Nicola. I don’t agree with everything the SNP says or does. Independence will be the end of the SNP.

What about Broadband? Energy? Immigration? Employment? Trade and Industry? Reserved to Westminster.

What about potholes? Libraries? Planning for new houses? Air pollution? Edinburgh City Council

If you have to answer more than 4 or 5 of these, the person probably isn’t listening to your answers, and will go through the full list of questions if you let them – but they’re not persuadable. Don’t spend any more time with them. Smile! I’m proud of this great wee country, confident in its resources and abilities to make a better society – hopeful and ambitious for the future, and disgusted by the cruelty and incompetence of Westminster.

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