Transport in Scotland

You will often hear accusations that the Scottish Government should be using the powers it has to make Scotland a better country. Here is a brief summary of what they have achieved in Transport across Scotland.

  • Road Equivalent Tariff has been rolled out to all ferry routes in the Clyde and Hebrides, cutting fares by around 40 per cent.
  • £1 billion invested annually in public and sustainable transport to encourage people out of cars, with spending on safe and convenient opportunities for walking and cycling at a record high.
  • The £1.4 billion Queensferry Crossing opened on schedule and under budget, with 70mph motorway, fewer wind closures, maintenance without closure.
  • With tolls on the Forth and Tay bridges abolished, commuters continue to save £184 a year on crossing the Tay and £207 a year on crossing the Forth.
  • The Borders Railway reopened in the summer of 2015 – the longest new domestic railway to be built in Britain in over 100 years.
  • £742 million Edinburgh Glasgow rail improvements, including widespread electrification of the network between the 2 cities and to Stirling and Dunblane.
  • £170 million Aberdeen Inverness rail upgrade, including new stations at Dalcross and Kintore.
  • £480m is being invested in new electric trains for Scotrail
  • £3 billion to dual 80 miles of carriageway on the A9 Perth-Inverness, plus average speed cameras have halved the number of serious accidents
  • £500 million project connecting M8, M73 and M74 Motorway journeys cut by 20 minutes, contributing more than £1 billion to Scotland’s economy
  • £320 million M80
  • £745 million Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route is due to complete in 2018.
  • Prestwick Airport saved from closure, safeguarding 1,350 jobs.

In an independent Scotland, it will be the people of Scotland, and their Scottish Government, who will decide our future Transport policy – including its funding.

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