Film Preview: Carillion – Public Service, Private Profit

Watch the Channel 4 documentary film here.



This Dispatches documentary – “Public Service, Private Profit” – appeared on Channel 4 in August 2016. It is a very early warning of the dangers of using the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) to build public infrastructure – such as schools, hospitals and roads. Written and presented by the economist and journalist Liam Halligan, “Public Service, Private Profit” was made in conjunction with Steve Boulton Productions. Showing in-depth interviews with senior insiders from both the public and private sector, this hard-hitting documentary won the prestigious Wincott Foundation Award for “Best Broadcast” and the Workworld “TV Programme of the Year”.

2018 is the year it became undisguisable that the Conservatives’ combination of austerity and privatisation has enfeebled Britain’s public realm. Here’s what you need to know about Carillion. Profit is privatised and losses are ‘socialised’. Profit is made by ripping off our public services. Then PFI contracts are “flipped” (sold on). It is an example of a “failed experiment” in running of public services. It’s the biggest news story in the UK, and is missing from the front pages of most right-wing newspapers. Carillion is Labour’s PFI scandal writ large. It is Britain’s dark money, shabby deals that steal from the public and shovel money into the mouths of the rich. The system is discredited. The model is broken. It is crumbling before our eyes. It’s a racket.

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