Film Preview: The super-rich and us

Film Preview: The super-rich and us: the Greed Game

Jacques Peretti’s documentary could have been called “the men who made themselves rich and stuff everybody else”. Peretti gives a history of “trickle-down economics” (the theory that tax breaks for the rich benefit society as a whole) and examines whether there is any evidence that it works in practice.

Interviews and archive clips are used to make links between the rise of the non-doms, institutionalised corruption at HMRC and social cleansing in the London housing market.

Watch multi-millionaires explain why being super-rich makes them more valuable members of society, and be prepared to get angry.

Watch a 1 minute trailer on You Tube by clicking this link.

Watch the full 58 minute film on You Tube by clicking this link.

Robert Peston, the BBC’s Business Editor, speaks to some heavy hitters in hedge-fund and private equity scene, who have been blamed for the current financial woes of the world. This film highlights the fact that these very few people have become super rich and while the global economy is collapsing around us.

There have been a number of recent documentaries on increasing inequality in the world:

The Panama Papers: Secrets of the Super Rich (44 minutes)

The rise of the new global super-rich (Chrystia Freeland TED Talk) 15 minutes

Rich people don’t create jobs (Nick Hanauer Banned TED Talk) 6 minutes

Inside the world of the global Super-Rich (28 minutes)

Derelict mansions of London’s Billionaires Row (5 minutes)

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