A no-deal Brexit, which has no democratic mandate, could be imposed upon the people of this country without approval by UK or Scottish Parliament.


5 ex-heads of Scotland Yard warn England has descended into lawlessness.


Still committing the error of including Scotland in their figures. The fact is that due to the successful policies of the SNP Scottish Government and police working together knife crime in Scotland has been very much reduced. Including Scotland in the overall figures helps to disguise how serious the situation is in England and Wales.
There is one small paragraph referring to the successful merging of Scottish police forces but the writer does not attribute the reduction of crime statistics to that merger. You may remember the furore and criticism created by Scottish opposition parties to those merger plans but who now are strangely silent.

There are now proposals on the table for England and Wales to follow the Scottish example and begin the process of merging some but not all of the 43 police forces they have.

(Bob Scott)