Candlelit vigil at the Scotland Office

Gerry Mulvenna’s Independence Live Candlelit vigil at the Scotland Office. #scotlandsrighttochoose #defendDemocracy

SNP win election, Indyref2 mandate ‘strengthened, refreshed, and renewed’

SNP won 48 out of 59 Scotland‘s seats – a gain of 13 seats, with a stunning 45% of the vote. The Tories lost 7, Labour lost 6, the Lib Dems won 1 and lost 1 (Jo Swinson), the Scottish Greens got 28,122 votes (1%).

Boris won in England and Brexit will be inevitable.

Independence Live crowdfunder

Independence Live & IndyLive Radio do crowdfunders every 4 month that goes towards paying a fulltime member of staff on less than minimum wage, rent (£3600/year), online livestream service, data for livestreams, equipment, travel, phone, internet and office costs etc. Both are based in the same one room studio/office in Glasgow. Independence Live have done 1000s of livestreams since 2013 and IndyLive Radio is a pro-indy station started in 2019.

We have only 2 days left of a current crowdfunder and are at 45% funded from 112 donators.

Im reaching out to you to see if you could help with a further donation and if not this time please could you retweet our crowdfunder on twitter or share our crowdfunder on Facebook details for both below.

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Big Thanks – #BeTheMedia

The big Grassroots Conversation

The big Grassroots Conversation Yes Edinburgh & Lothians (videos of keynote speeches, songs from the Indy Choir and Q&A sessions). Hosted by Yes Edinburgh & Lothians. 29/09/19

Michelle Thomson – Keynote Speech

Keith Brown – Keynote Speech

Q&A 1: should international observers be present at the count at the next independence referendum to offer legitimacy to the outcome?

Q&A 2: Should we expect an updated version of the White Paper?

Q&A 3: How can political parties support the grassroots movement?

Q&A 4: Scotland’s currency and austerity

Q&A 5: Climate change, Yes platform and taking the fight back

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free – Indy Choir

Freedom Come All Ye – Indy Choir