Candlelit vigil at the Scotland Office

Gerry Mulvenna’s Independence Live Candlelit vigil at the Scotland Office. #scotlandsrighttochoose #defendDemocracy

SNP win election, Indyref2 mandate ‘strengthened, refreshed, and renewed’

SNP won 48 out of 59 Scotland‘s seats – a gain of 13 seats, with a stunning 45% of the vote. The Tories lost 7, Labour lost 6, the Lib Dems won 1 and lost 1 (Jo Swinson), the Scottish Greens got 28,122 votes (1%).

Boris won in England and Brexit will be inevitable.

Independence Live crowdfunder

Independence Live & IndyLive Radio do crowdfunders every 4 month that goes towards paying a fulltime member of staff on less than minimum wage, rent (£3600/year), online livestream service, data for livestreams, equipment, travel, phone, internet and office costs etc. Both are based in the same one room studio/office in Glasgow. Independence Live have done 1000s of livestreams since 2013 and IndyLive Radio is a pro-indy station started in 2019.

We have only 2 days left of a current crowdfunder and are at 45% funded from 112 donators.

Im reaching out to you to see if you could help with a further donation and if not this time please could you retweet our crowdfunder on twitter or share our crowdfunder on Facebook details for both below.

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Big Thanks – #BeTheMedia

The big Grassroots Conversation

The big Grassroots Conversation Yes Edinburgh & Lothians (videos of keynote speeches, songs from the Indy Choir and Q&A sessions). Hosted by Yes Edinburgh & Lothians. 29/09/19

Michelle Thomson – Keynote Speech

Keith Brown – Keynote Speech

Q&A 1: should international observers be present at the count at the next independence referendum to offer legitimacy to the outcome?

Q&A 2: Should we expect an updated version of the White Paper?

Q&A 3: How can political parties support the grassroots movement?

Q&A 4: Scotland’s currency and austerity

Q&A 5: Climate change, Yes platform and taking the fight back

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to Be Free – Indy Choir

Freedom Come All Ye – Indy Choir

1 October: How to win support from women for Scottish independence

Yes Edinburgh West’s next meeting is on Tuesday 1 October at 7.30pm

Marsha Scott from Women for Independence will talk on “How to win support from women for Scottish independence”, and answer your questions. All welcome! In the function room of the Clermiston Inn, EH4 7EG.