Livestream: Lessons the Yes Campaign must learn to win Indyref2 with Dr Iain Black

Yes Edinburgh West meeting minutes, Clermiston Inn, 7.30pm Mon 6 February 2017

  1. Ian Grant opened the meeting by welcoming everybody.
  2. Gerry Mulvenna posted a Livestream broadcast for the benefit of people who couldn’t make the meeting.
  3. There were 27 attendees. Email addresses given will be added to the mailing list unless anyone objects.
  4. Ian introduced Dr Iain Black, Associate Professor in Marketing at Heriot-Watt University, who spoke on the Lessons the Yes movement must learn for Indyref2 from a Marketing perspective – which is all about persuasion. He noted that over-zealousness doesn’t persuade – you have to allow people to make their own decisions. He invited comments on what people thought
    • needed to be improved from the IndyRef1 campaign (challenge BBC bias, emphasise NHS Scotland, Get out the vote, Yes Scotland coordination, more autonomy in local branches, targeting areas, involving more people, getting the right people, training, briefing on currency, pensions etc)
    • they needed to do better themselves (more listening and empathy, emotions not facts etc)

    Iain then gave his own observations:

    1. Have the campaign ready before launch
    2. Need better voter data (like the SSP had)
    3. Review levels of organisation (meaningful areas, not necessarily constituency boundaries
    4. Local planning strategy – targets, resources etc
    5. Not a party-political campaign
    6. Leadership – are there new people who have joined who could take up leadership roles?
    7. Independence is now the change you can control – Brexit is the big unknown
    8. Supportive media – get off journalists backs, give them positive feedback and encouragement
    9. Not just facts, but messages
    10. Negative myths are now positives– NHS, companies leaving , privatisation, mortgage rates etc
    11. Have conversations rather than canvassing (too much like a second-hand car salesman?)
    12. Be careful on social media. Get off the Internet, listen and talk to people. Get out of the Yes bubble.
    13. Clearer targeting of audience (soft Nos, as long as we get Yes voters out to vote)
    14. Translate high-level objectives (prosperity, greener, fairer, autonomous) into concrete jobs, money etc
    15. Promote Edinburgh as a capital city
    16. Only promise what you can control
    17. Win the big arguments early- take back control on the £, EU, resources etc

    Watch the video of the full meeting
  5. Ian opened the floor to questions and answers, and a useful discussion ensued.
  6. Next meetings:
  7. AOCB
    • As part of CND Scotland’s Ban Trident Week of Action 10 – 17 Feb 2017, we will have a street stall on St John’s Road, Corstorphine (corner of Manse Rd) from 10.30 to 12.30 on Saturday 11 February. Ian Grant to supply feather flag, Bob Glen to supply table, literature and badges.
    • Ronald McIsaac advised the group of a Scotland in Europe rally at Holyrood on 7 February at 16.30
    • and a Convoy to Aberdeen, starting at Hermiston at 7am on 19 Feb
    • Mike Fenwick gave a short presentation on the Scottish Hand, set up to establish the widest possible discussion on and understanding of the subject of “currency” in a series of stages. He gave examples of Iceland, Malta, Isle of Man, Jersey, Brixton and Bristol currencies – all much smaller than Scotland. He also noted the promise to pay on Royal Bank notes still signed by Fred Goodwin and Stephen Hester. Several people took the opportunity to pledge their support.
    • A Lending Library of relevant books is available for people to borrow from.
    • We have published a number of briefing notes (as online E-Flets, rather than old-fashioned leaflets!) – all comments welcome! If you want to make comments, set up, lead or join groups on any other subject, please email Bob Glen.

    • Peter Curran’s tutorial on Negotiation on 5 February had to be cancelled.
    • If anyone wants a subscription to the iScot magazine, we get half – please email Bob Glen.
    • Gerry Mulvenna has implemented a donation facility on the website.
    • Please subscribe to the mailing list on our website, Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and find a library of useful information on the Yes liaison

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