Yes Edinburgh West meeting minutes Newliston Arms Mon 24 July 2017

  1. Ian Grant opened the meeting by welcoming everybody, and introduced our speaker, Jason Baird from National Yes Registry.
  2. Apologies to people who couldn’t make the meeting, a Livestream broadcast wasn’t appropriate for this event.
  3. There were 14 attendees. Email addresses given will be added to the mailing list unless anyone objects.
  4. Jason give a demonstration of version 1.1 of the IndyApp (from the Apple Appstore or Google Play if you have an iOS or Android smartphone, or the NYR website, together with help videos (which are available within the app – click on the ? symbol – or on the website Demo films). He explained that the design ideas mainly came from running the Largs Yes shop in IndyRef1.

4.1 The first feature is a search facility to find your nearest Yes group (Yes Edinburgh West) – you can look at a map, or search by postcode, town, Yes group name, or groups (such as WfI, PfI, vets for Indy, English people for indy etc). You can also use the search to find local groups wherever you are – for example, on holiday!

4.2 Once you have found your group, you are given a front door, which gives you:

4.2.1 Profile – a description of the group

4.2.2 Location – the group’s location (ours is set to Drum Brae library)

4.2.3 Meetings – a list of future meetings

4.2.4 Campaigns – a list of campaigns, such as leafletting, street stalls, canvassing

4.2.5 Events– a list of events, such as CND or anti-fracking street stalls, independence marches etc

4.2.6 A private messaging facility – to the whole group or one or several members (email symbol)

4.2.7 A donate facility to your local group

4.3 As befits a grassroots organisation, the IndyApp works with a flat structure – anybody can answer any query raided by anybody else. There will be group editors responsible for accepting requests to join the group – Jason recommended 3 (who will be able to liaise with other editors). This will ensure access is restricted to only people who are personally known to us.

4.4 Security has been thought through, in anticipation of cyber attacks or pernicious. Any attempt at spambot hacking can be neutralised by a simple change of email id. Data Protection prohibits sharing of contact details (even to bodies like the Scottish Independence Convention). Data is protected from attack by a network of 4 servers.

4.5 Version 1.2 will provide access to local Forums, Version 2 will provide access to national Forums

4.6 Jason asked that we leave some positive feedback on the system

4.7 Jason also made a request for financial donations, with the preferred method being for 1200 supporters to commit to 50p a month by standing order  (NYR account 30022633 sort 82-66-05)- minimises bank charges

  1. Jason took questions throughout the presentation, but Ian also opened the floor to questions and answers
  2. Ian finished with some announcements:

Next meetings:

Mon 7 Aug 2017 (Newliston Inn 7.30pm): Selma Rahman on “Women for Independence

Mon 4 Sep 2017 (Newliston Inn 7.30pm): Ross Greer on “Education strategy for an independent Scotland

Mon 6 Nov 2017 (Newliston Inn 7.30pm): Michelle Thomson and Roger Mullin on “Brexit: what might it mean for business in Scotland?

  1. AOCB
    • We have published a number of briefing notes (as online E-Flets, rather than old-fashioned leaflets!), book previews and film previews – all comments welcome! If you want to make comments, set up, lead or join groups on any other subject, please email Bob Glen.
    • Gerry Mulvenna has implemented a donation facility on the website.
    • Please subscribe to the mailing list on our website, Like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter and our Library of topics on Scottish Politics, including Independence.

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