AGM 2016 minutes

Yes Edinburgh West AGM meeting minutes
Clermiston Inn
7.30pm Mon 3 October 2016

  1. 30 people attended.
  2. Apologies: Ian Grant, Ann Rayner, Andy Fraser, Fergus Henderson
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  4. AGM: Anne Donohoe chaired
    1. 2016 progress: We’ve made good progress since being re-convened (constitution, office-bearers, bank, social media, monthly meetings, Currency group). It was agreed to amend the Constitution to define Membership as “those who have given us their email details (as opposed to those who are on the email list). We have already had a request to join via the NYR Indy app – Bob Glen has responded, and will circulate a draft welcome letter for use in future.BG
    2. Treasurer’s report: Bank account now fully set up. Gerry reported a balance of £182. We have supported the NYR Indy app with £210 of stipends (now finished) and a £50 donation. We’ve sold 125 Wee Black Books, and made £80 from Andy Anderson books. We’ve got 4 subscriptions to i-Scot pending, which will bring in funds too. Merchandising is a useful source. We decided not to proceed with a crowd-funder until we make a case for what it’s for. Paypal and GoCardLess accounts have been set up as the best means to accepting donations – Gerry has added to website.
    3. Election of office-bearers: All 4 current office-bearers are happy to continue in post and equally happy to stand aside if others want to volunteer. Ian and Anne could work as Co-Convenors. A Social and Fundraising office-bearer would be a useful addition. No nominations being received, the current office-bearers will continue in post.
    4. Vision for next year: We propose next year’s main target is to prepare for IndyRef2, through education and training – good speakers at meetings, social media articles, and discussion groups (like the one on Currency – other possibilities are the Economy of an independent Scotland, Media, Land Reform, Trident, Women, Education, Energy, Local Democracy, Pensions, No Outreach etc). As well as educating ourselves, these groups could prepare briefing notes which would be useful for other members, and form the basis of leaflets when campaigning starts. If anyone is keen to start campaigning, there are opportunities through Yes Edinburgh & Lothians, NYR Indy app and SNP council election campaigning.
    5. Suggestions for future events/speakers: AGM to be asked for suggestions – other possibilities are Pilar Fernandez on the Catalan independence movement, Angela Haggerty and Peter Curran on media. It was suggested that we prioritise what we think will be the main issues (e.g. Pensions) and arrange speakers accordingly. Also, that we should be clear about political, economic and social realities.
      • Oct 29: Nordic Horizons in George Sq theatre at 12
      • Nov 7: What Scotland can contribute to banning nuclear weapons – Janet Fenton
      • Nov 28: Social: A National Anthem for Scotland – Bob Murray
      • Dec 5: Land, Democracy & the Economy – Andy Wightman
      • Jan 9: Social justice in an independent Scotland – Lesley Orr (WfI)
      • Feb 6: Education in Scotland: our most crucial challenge – John Swinney
    6. Venue for meetings: happy to stay at the Clermiston Inn
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  6. Film show of the new ‘London Calling’ documentary about BBC bias. Many thanks to Alan Knight (director) and David Henry for supplying the equipment and joining the debate afterwards. Quite shocking to see a compendium of all the dirty tricks – and sobering to realise we face the same again, if not more. We now obtain more of our news from social media rather than the BBC, but this is not true for No voters.
  7. Donations of £38.44 were received on the night.
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