Livestream: Land, Democracy & the Economy: Andy Wightman


Andy started with a quick summary of his book “The Poor had no Lawyers” and its 6 land grabs:

  1. Robert the Bruce – a murdering medieval warlord
  2. To spoil the Kirk of Christ of her Patrimony – theft of lands of the Church
  3. The Palladium of our Land Proprietors – involving the lawyers
  4. A State of Possession beyond the memory of Man– theft of commonties
  5. Mere miserable starved caricatures – theft of Burgh commons
  6. I hereby take possession of this island of Rockall – Colonial adventures

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‘A wee dauner doon the Calton’ 18 Sept 2016

(Glasgow: on the 2nd anniversary of the Scottish Independence Referendum)

En route to Glasgow, we were treated to the inaugural tourist tour of the east end of Glasgow by Peter Curran, erstwhile denizen of Dennistoun. A good lunch at Drygate Brewery, to the amusement of the waitress, who genuinely believed we’d only been let out for the day. Down to the Calton for  the Scottish Independence Convention Reassembly – first stop for a quick chat was Robin McAlpine

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