The Best Start Grant

The Best Start Grant is a package of three payments to help families that get certain benefits or tax credits with the cost of the key transitions in a child’s life.

*The application window for this year’s School Age Payment is 3 Jun 2019 – 29 Feb 2020.

The new Best Start Grant School Age Payment is £250 to help eligible families who get certain benefits or tax credits with expenses around the time their child normally starts Primary 1. Find out more here.

Scottish Govt to provide struggling families with £10 per week per child with the new Scottish Child Payment benefit

Charities hail Scottish Government’s new Scottish Child Payment as child poverty “game changer

‘A wee dauner doon the Calton’ 18 Sept 2016

(Glasgow: on the 2nd anniversary of the Scottish Independence Referendum)

En route to Glasgow, we were treated to the inaugural tourist tour of the east end of Glasgow by Peter Curran, erstwhile denizen of Dennistoun. A good lunch at Drygate Brewery, to the amusement of the waitress, who genuinely believed we’d only been let out for the day. Down to the Calton for  the Scottish Independence Convention Reassembly – first stop for a quick chat was Robin McAlpine

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